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SPEEDY INVENTORY. A B2B Inventory Solution for Moving and Storage Companies.

Our moving company saves a lot of money with the software, most notably in decreased claims and decreased labor. It makes us look like a top notch moving company to our customers. We have not lost a single item since we started using it. Our warehouse manager would probably go crazy if he had to go back to the old illegible paper inventory sheets, half of which are unreadable, the other half are inaccurate! Speedy Inventory has made our lives easier and taken away a lot of headaches.

David DispatcherOmega Moving and Storage

We are a long distance moving company and most of our jobs also involve storage. Speedy lets us track every item the whole way which is great when we use a third party agent. We know exactly when it gets delivered and it insures that none of the items are left behind. It has saved us more than once, especially when there are multiple loads on one semi. Our customers really like to see their items online and it really makes our company look very professional and high quality. It is incredibly handy when dealing with claims too.

JoeOwnerInter Van Lines


A picture is worth 1000 words. Get Speedy Inventory and decrease your claims by an average of 78%!

Inventory Management Systems

  • Moving companies have a complete and organized set of images, enabling more effective claims management
  • Web interface enables easy visibility of all inventory items for both moving company and shipper
  • DOT approved inventory.


Help your friends make Inventory a breeze, and put some money in your pocket! Simply email us and let us know whom you referred, after they sign up for 30 days you will get $200.

No Lost Items

  • Inventory is quick and easy at every stop
  • No more “unaccounted for” items
  • All inventory items accounted for at every stage because the crew scans items at every load/unload